HyperAura - Visualising the impact of compression methods by recreating the work of art as a virus.

"HyperAura" is a self-destructive sequence of images portraying the journey of a digital file through the Internet. On multiple open windows within a browser, every visitor has a different experience of a digital representation of the physical self that is being repeatedly processed and shown on screen.

The Cloud Decoded - Deconstructing the metaphor of the Cloud.

The electricity required to power the Internet is predominantly generated with fossil fuels. The Cloud is one of the biggest marketings metaphors ever created, resulting in further abstraction of the impact of the Internet in the eyes of the consumers. The Cloud Decoded is a larger project that questions the metaphor within our society and the importance of physicalisation of our global impact.

Symbols at Transient Space '18 - Disrupting the Non-Space

Projected across four, large public screens, transient_space takes place in a constant space of flux “where the public transfer and crossover from sections of the ever-busy university building”. 'Symbols' is a series of loading icons from various systems, projecting a feeling of hope and uncertainy, breaking the audience's anticipation for new visually work.

@TheMonaLisAandMe - Duchampian art tourism

  • Role: Researcher
  • Year: 2016 - ongoing
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With the opportunity to endlesly reproduce works of art, the singularity of an artwork has never become more imporant and somehow, less significant. I am taking selfies with each version of the most reproduced painting in the world, trying to grasp the singularity of the proliferated work. I might venture down to Paris soon, however, I might end of in the gift shops taking selfies with the souvernir products.

Twittersong - Adressing Dorment Social Media

  • Role: Art Director + Writer + Animator
  • Year: 2016
  • Animation
  • Featured: Canal+ + Adweek

  • Link: Vimeo

Dormant social media accounts take over a majority of Twitter and give a misleading claim of the community of a network. What if a social media company was the first to address these dormant accounts with the good intention to help safe the planet? Twittersong is written with the exclusive use of inactive Twitter accounts, adressing Twitter's vacant accounts and the pollution they bring.