Mick Jongeling- Art Director.

I am a Dutch multi-disciplinary designer of curious, probing and critical things. Born and raised in Rotterdam and lived in New York City and Manchester for my studies. Hold a BA in Advertising and an MA with distinction in Graphic Design & Art Direction.

Currently based in Amsterdam, where I have been working since July 2018 as a Digital Transformation Designer at the Digital Society School, rethinking systems of operation and legislation. My primary focus is the ethics surrounding quantified self, connected objects and life in the smart city.

Temporarily added to the team of the Digital Life Centre (Create-It) as an Applied researcher.

I research cloud infrastructure and strive to create pieces of work that questions the current state of the Internet and our involvement in it, being it by speculative design, participatory design or field research.

I am the co-lead and ambassador of the Speculative Futures chapter of Amsterdam. In our meetups we explore design methods and organise talks to create different futures together.

Next to that, I run Good Folk Studio, a design studio, where I have set up workshops for a diversity of internationals on design thinking, creative practice and multi-cultural communities.

Reach out at yo[at]mickjongeling.com


  • Brutalist Websites
  • CHI'19
  • Art Directors Club NY
  • Canal+
  • Adweek
  • Graphis
  • Netplasticism
  • Clio's
  • L'ADN
  • Spin Awards
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